Crypto Royals sat down with Rob Frasca for an AMA session to learn more about what makes NDAU so appealing.

First — Rob, can you give us a short introduction?

· Sure. I am one of the founding investors of the NDAU project, I am managing partner of the Block Chain Venture Capital Firm Cosimo Ventures, and we have a tokenized VC fund, COSIMO X (

· I am a dot com entrepreneur that started the very first financial service on the internet way back in 1993 and the company was acquired by Intuit in 1995. I also started one of the internet’s first AI companies out of Carnegie Mellon University and it was acquired by the #2 Internet Portal at the time, Lycos in 1997…We later took Lycos IPO -public and ultimately sold it for over $5 Billion.

· My partners and I now run a blockchain VC fund COSIMO X… it’s actually tokenized… Security Token and invests in many exciting projects, like NDAU, Casper Labs, Dusk Networks, Uphold and yAxis.

· We were one of the first investors in NDAU and have since invested quite a bit into the project. I’m excited to be here today!

· COSIMO X: A tokenized venture fund opportunity (

· COSIMO X — A tokenized venture fund opportunity

Q1. Can you briefly describe what is NDAU? We would like to know more about it and how it works.

· NDAU is the first adaptive digital currency, designed to be a long-term store of value. The long-term store of value use case is actually one of the largest use cases out there. For instance, Bitcoin is being used as a long-term store of value, a digital gold. It is an especially critical use case with the currency de-valuing we are seeing across the world.

· Adaptative means that the currency is actually aware of its market conditions, it supply relative to demand etc. and the blockchain actually uses this data to adjust it supply providing incentives for long term holders. Think of NDAU as an adaptive digital gold. Also, NDAU is Proof of Stake and has a yield or staking bonus associated with it, where holders can earn up to 15% APR.

Q2. What are your main features that distinguish you from other projects and what competitive advantages do you have?

· NDAU is an adaptive currency, and it is specifically designed to be a long-term store of value… All systems in NDAU incentivize long-term holding.

· Adaptive to reduce volatility.

· issued on exponential bonding curve to offer significant upside potential,

· Increasing yield, the longer you lock the more you earn.

· A floor price established by the endowment of assets that provides a floor price in the event of major sell offs, and

· Stabilization mechanisms that reward holding versus selling.

· Custodial staking, meaning you don’t give up custody to stake (Think Decentralized property rights !!!), everything is designed to incentivize long term store.

Q3. What are you looking most forward to doing in NDAU?

· As a dot com entrepreneur, I often look at the current market to see where we are in tech adoption life cycle as compared to markets I have been in in the past. Today blockchain is still very early and users today are primarily what we like to call “early adopters”. This segment of the market is typically 10% of the total market.

· As an investor it is important to realize that most value in a market is typically achieved when the next segment of adopters or users comes online, this segment is called the “Early Majority” that is typically 30–50% of the market…

· NDAU was designed to go after the early majority, with a yield generating, Proof of Stake long term value store. 50% of the world is unbanked, yet 75% own a smartphone, I am particularity excited to go after emerging market economies and bring decentralized finance to the unbanked. Last week I did a zoom call with Egypt last week, with over 2000 people excited about NDAU.

Q4. Are you working on any partnerships or marketing initiatives to help build awareness for your platform?

· Yes, NDAU has a partnership with Investview ( — iGenius, they have a global promotional network over 35,000 people!! it’s an incredibly large and global force all starting to promote…. They are actively promoting NDAU all over the world, from France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Egypt, and many other locations.

· The NDAU ecosystem is Open source and there are many dev teams working on new and exciting features as well for NDAU.

Q5. Could you please provide some progress on your roadmap and what results NDAU has achieved so far? And any sneak peek into 2021 plans for NDAU?

· The NDAU project has been in development for over 3 years, it went main-net over 2 years ago! The blockchain has been operational and running with over $30 million purchased. Today over 50% of owners hold their NDAU locked in the native wallet. We expect to see NDAU integrated in several other wallets too.

· To date we have launched NDAU on the exchanges BitMart, Bittrex Global, and Liquid. Look for several other larger exchanges to come online soon.

· Our native wallet is both iOS and Android and is version 2. Later this year we will be launching a wrapped NDAU ETH for Uniswap, so keep your eyes open for an insane reward program for Liquidity pool providers. We are also expanding the number of node operators this year.

Q6: I read on your website that the best way to create long term stores of value is to incentivize long term ownership where NDAU holders are given the opportunity to earn extra NDAU through “Ecosystem Alignment Incentives”, but what is NDAU’s plan to encourage term-holding?

· NDAU is proof of stake, based on Tendermint (COSMOS) delegated proof of stake consensus. It has its own native wallet that enables the holder to receive a staking bonus or yield WITHOUT giving up custody of the NDAU. Additionally, NDAU is has adaptive features designed to reduce volatility. Most importantly, NDAU is issued on an exponential bonding curve which means it also has the ability to significantly grow in value.

· As a next generation POS digital currency, NDAU was designed and developed with many “institutional class” features, such as multi-signature key management and transactional recourse periods. NDAU is designed specifically for the global market especially Emerging Market Economies or EME’s and is getting interest as a CBDC and as I said earlier …All systems in NDAU incentivize long-term holding.

o Adaptive systems to reduce volatility.

o NDAU issued on exponential bonding curve to offer significant upside potential which is very important for a long-term store…,

o Increasing yield, the longer you lock the more you earn… 13% APR for 1 year.

o A floor price established by the endowment of assets that provides a floor price in the event of major sell offs,

o Stabilization mechanisms that reward holding versus selling.

o Custodial staking which is essential.

Q7. NDAU’s Whitepaper shows that NDAU is operated by the NDAU monetary policy which BPC’s responsible for, yet this monetary policy can be changed from time to time by the BPC itself, so, who decides what to change and integrate in the monetary policy? Does it have a voting system?

· Blockchain is all about the decentralized property rights, one should be skeptical of non-decentralized custody or governance. The BPC is made of nine members as voted in by NDAU holders themselves. Every NDAU address with 1000 NDAU in it gets a vote. These nine members meet monthly to vote on referendums as proposed by any NDAU holder. They govern the NDAU ecosystem, for the benefit of the ecosystem.

· All BPC members also must stake their membership, so if they are not faithful to the NDAU ecosystem they can get slashed. We hope to expand how the BPC is managed via additional decentralized blockchains that are being developed by other 3rd part blockchain projects to better enable DAOs. There are some exciting new projects out there that offer this, and we are looking at adding them to our ecosystem.

Q8. NDAU gives incentives to holder of NDAU tokens, so can you explain what are those incentives to be given to the holders of your token? How does incentives being calculated and distributed? Is there any minimum amount to hold NDAU to be eligible for the incentives?

· Earning staking income is easy with NDAU and you never give up custody to get rewards. Simply holding NDAU in the NDAU wallet app allows for the earning of extra NDAU through Ecosystem Alignment Incentives (EAI) — staking rewards… no need to find a staking provider. Think Early Majority… Think simple.

· You get an additional bonus for locking NDAU over a specified period of time. For example, you could be earning +13% NDAU on a 1-year locked account in your wallet. 15% for 3 Years.

· These rewards are calculated continuously and awarded daily automatically directly to your wallet!

Q9: There is quite a bit of information about your project, there are certainly many things that the community does not know about NDAU, besides the questions you have received, is there anything else you would like to share with the community here?

· After selling my second/third company for over $5 Billion, I learned a valuable lesson from the dot com:

· Most new ventures die…but those that learn, optimize, and then enter the market usually become: WINNER TAKE All.

· As an investor I am quite long on Bitcoin, Bitcoin is absolutely amazing… Bitcoin is our first crack at using a distributed computing and decentralized ledger keeping system to resolve the age-old problem of trust and achieve this open, low-cost architecture for intermediary-free global transactions.

· I believe that it is highly likely that additional currencies to Bitcoin will come along and fulfill the ultimate promise of blockchain. There will be protocols specifically designed for highly specific purposes, purposes such as long-term store of value

· The biggest market for digital currencies — bigger than all others combined — is long-term store of value (, which are those held for a year or more.

· Existing digital currencies that have no stabilizing features are just too volatile to serve as a long-term store of value for most purposes, I believe NDAU can serve that purpose. And that’s one MASSIVE use case/market. I was just reading in this telegram channel much talk about volatility of the current market conditions… All correct in my opinion. NDAU tries to reduce that… while providing growth and yield.

· Wikipedia (

· Store of value property that money is useful later

Q10: Currently most investors focus only on the token price in the short term instead of the real value of the project. So, as a member of NDAU can you tell us what is the motivation and benefits for long-term investors?

· ahh yes short-term crazy versus long term sleep at night… hahahah

· While it’s exciting to look day to day, hour by hour on token prices, and look for those incredible quick gains in the market. I believe we should not forget that this market is early, with only 10% adoption it still has 90% yet to go. All tech markets grow exponentially, so the majority of value is still yet to be achieved. A longer-term focus on this market is essential, especially when new Proof of Stake Currencies like NDAU award staking rewards for holding.

· Long-term holding is especially important given today’s global monetary policies of printing money. Every $ printed de-values every dollar held. I believe it is imperative if not critical to diversify away from traditional fiat currencies into the emerging digital asset market. and look to have a balanced approach that is both short term speculative and long-term hold and yield.




The world’s first adaptive digital currency optimized for a long-term store of value with staking income and buoyancy. Learn more at

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The world’s first adaptive digital currency optimized for a long-term store of value with staking income and buoyancy. Learn more at

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